Rikki Poynter is a twenty-three year old Deaf vlogger on YouTube. 

Needing something to do after graduating high school, she started watching YouTube videos and came across makeup tutorials for the first time. After a life of not wearing very much makeup at all, makeup tutorials were a new and intriguing thing for her.

After spending the night watching xsparkage videos and videos from more makeup vloggers, she started getting into makeup and started making her own videos in 2010.

After four and a half years of strict makeup vlogging, Rikki started becoming more and more burned out and uninspired with makeup tutorials. Fortunately, she made the decision to branch out on October 2014.

Once Deaf Awareness Week arrived in September 2014, she decided to branch out and start doing regular vlogs. It all started with a one single video on Deaf Awareness which ended up being noticed by the Huffington Post. After that video became successful, she started to do more vlogs about Deaf culture and advocating for [better] closed captioning on YouTube and the Internet in general.

Rikki has been on the Huffington Post, BBC Ouch, BBC News, ABC News, British Deaf News, Mic, BBC See Hear, and more.

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